I am a 20-something, Registered Nurse with a BSN, doggie momma and military spouse living in Germany, and I have  a serious screen addiction.  So serious that I have basically depleted all Netflix shows and dvd rentals I can possibly fathom watching.  It’s bad.  I am not unfamiliar with watching TV, surfing the web on my laptop, texting and checking Facebook on my phone, and playing games on my iPad all at the same time.  I have forgotten what hobbies are.

But this is about to change.

I am dedicating my spare time to trying something new.  Maybe it’s cooking a new recipe, trying a new work out, or beginning a new hobby.  It could even be traveling to a new place (I do live in Europe, after all).

This is for all of you who are finding yourselves in a rut. For all of you who have spent so much time and energy making sure that your family and friends are happy, that you forgot to make sure you are happy.  This is so we can be proud of not only our loved ones, but ourselves as well!

This is Project Julianna.

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