Unpredictably Personal Baby Shower Gifts

Babies are everywhere.  Instagram is bursting with posts of our friends’ adorable little spawn, Facebook is updating you every time a friend has another bun in the oven, and this warm weather is seeming to give every girl you know (including yourself) the fever!

In lieu with last week’s post, Battling Baby Fever, and the inevitable baby showers that we are all about to be invited to, I thought it would be fitting to give you some ideas for gifts that will stand out while still leaving you with enough money to go out for the weekend celebrating that you do not have to give up cocktails. Yet. 😉

Short and sweet, here you go!

Baby Shower Pin

For when you just do not know what to get!

Your Favorite Children’s Book with an Inscription

My dream nursery is definitely going to be Disney inspired, and how could this be complete without storybooks of all sorts?! I know that not everyone is as attached to Disney as I am, but everyone has to have a favorite children’s story (even if it is not Disney).

How meaningful would it be to purchase a copy of your favorite storybook and write a personal inscription to the little wonder on the inside cover?  Because it has been personalized, this is something that the child might hold on to for quite some time – they may even save it to read to their future children a few decades later.

This idea does not only have to be for a baby shower.  It would be a great birthday gift for a toddler as well; and how cute would it be to pair it with a little stuffed animal character from the story?!

Handmade Amigurumi or Blanket

As I have expressed in my post Hobbies for the Penny-Pinchers, I have fallen in love with crocheting.  That being said, I am only a beginner and I do like having direction.  I have been watching Sharon Ojala’s YouTube channel; she teaches you how to make the cutest amigurumi stuffed animals – and she is along for the whole ride!  Unlike many crochet video tutorials, she actually completes the project with you so you never have to worry that you might be doing something wrong.  I know that I still have my dolly that I have had since I was a baby, and I am sure many of you probably have a few stuffed momentos from the early days as well.  How meaningful would it be to know that one of your loved ones acutally made you that stuffed momento?

I also love the patterns that Yarnspirations has to offer.  Many are free, and so many are for beginners!  These little hooded blankets are adorable AND gender friendly – perfect for showers that you do not know the sex of the baby!  The patterns can be located by clicking the link below the pictures.

via Yarnspirations Little Forest Friends Lookbook

Family Heirloom

When my grandmother had passed, I inherited a few quilts she had started.  Amongst them, there was one made of an adorable tiny pink floral print.  I soon learned that a cousin was pregnant and I had the perfect idea!  Since my cousin’s baby would be the first baby born after our grandmother had passed, I knew I wanted to do something special. The pink quilt was not quite big enough for an adult, but it was the perfect size to cut in half and make two baby blankets out of, all it needed was a border!  I was so excited to finish this gift, I was praying that we would learn she would be having a girl.  Well, I do not know if it was fate or if it was my prayers, but she had a girl!!  I was thrilled and quickly added the border to both halves. I kept one half and gave my cousin and her baby girl the other half.  I know she loved it, there is nothing quite as special as a family heirloom.

I know that many of you probably do not have half-finished quilts by the deceased laying around though.  A few other ideas for family heirlooms could be handing down an adorable outfit, repurposing an old family rocking chair, or sharing a beloved book with the new addition. My grandmother also gave me a small music box before she passed, something that would also be a very personal and sweet gift to give a baby.  There are so many possibilities for this – even if you do not think something is special, someone else just might!

… or start/continue a Family Tradition

In her later years, my grandmother decided to learn how to paint.  She watched Bob Ross on television, and by golly did she learn how to paint!  She was quite good actually, and what better way to enjoy her talent than to share it with her family?  When she died, my grandmother had over 100 descendants, almost all of which had a painting by her.  She began the tradition of painting something for each little expectant baby, which she would often give to the parents at their baby shower.  My grandmother loved us all, but there were a lot of us.  These paintings helped us all feel connected and close with her, even at times when she could not see us all.  It was such a nice tradition that I imagine many of us will continue it with our own families.

It does not have to be a painting, it does not even have to be handmade!  Starting a tradition can be anything at all, even something as small as whispering an encouraging quote to the expectant parents.  Each tradition is special in their own way, and creating a unique tradition for your family can be so much fun!

Pregnancy Photo Matted & Framed

No pregnancy photo warms my heart more than that of Diane Keaton featured in The Family Stone. Honestly, the moment when Sarah Jessica Parker’s character gives each of the members of the family this photo matted & framed is the reason why I watch this movie repeatedly.

This photograph is so beautiful, how meaningful would it be if you took a similar simple photo and had it specially framed to match the newborn’s nursery?

For more simple and beautiful maternity photo ideas, I loved Angela Brinkley’s inspiration post on her blog Angenuity.



Naturally, since I do not have any children of my own, I turned to the internet for some ideas.  There are so many blogs out there though, it would be very easy to plagiarize. I want to always keep Project Julianna’s content original, so when researching I only look into general terms.  I purposely did not search for “meaningful baby shower gifts” or “personal baby shower gifts,” but only searched generally for “baby shower gifts.”  Although what I found did not inspire my suggestions, there were some rather useful posts.

If you want to give a gift that is more practical, check out BuzzFeed’s 30 Unexpected Baby Shower Gifts That Are Sheer Genius by Peggy Wang. These are fun and uncommon gifts that both parents and babies would love; moreover, they would be used!

And of course it is always appreciated to stick with the registry. You could always ask your loved one which of the registered gifts they are just DYING for.  I remember when I registered for my wedding there was this one gift that I really, really wanted but did not think anyone would buy for us.  Then it happened. My lovely college roomie (you know who you are, I love you girl!), after spending hours upon hours watching TLC and HGTV with me, got to know me so well that she knew what I wanted most was this soup tureen from Pottery Barn. Then my college bestie (I love you too!), while antique shopping with me, bought us a beautiful milk glass cake stand that I had my eye on for weeks.  I was so excited when I received these gifts, not only were they gifts that I wanted yet was not expecting, but they were from two great forever-friends that know me oh so well.  Now every time I set the table for holidays I will remember them and how close we became in only a few short years.

I hope this helps next time you receive a baby shower invitation!  Please like, comment share & follow 🙂

Project Julianna XX

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